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Single sided PCB

Single sided PCB’s are best suited for low-density designs and are easily designed and manufactured, and we have specific suppliers who specialize in these types of boards and therefore offer unbeatable prices for both small and large production runs.

Double sided PCB

Today the double sided printed circuit board technology is the most widely used in the electronics industry. There are endless applications for old and new designs and many choices for substrates, solder resists, legends, and surface finishes.

Multi layer PCB

Suitable for all designs with high packing density, multilayer boards are indispensable for modern HDI layouts.

Flexible PCB

Flexible circuit boards are becoming ever more popular. They can be manufactured using the identical components as a rigid board allowing the board to conform to a required shape or actually flex during its use.

Flexi rigid PCB

Flexi rigid PCB’s are composed of a combination of flexible and rigid substrates laminated into a single structure.

Metal backed PCB

The rise in LED technology from conventional bulbs and lamps has necessitated the need for PCB’s to be able to counter the heat generated by LED’s.

High density PCB

HDI boards are becoming evermore popular and require special processes and equipment to match the high spec technology of these boards.

High frequency PCB

The increasing complexity of electronic components and switches continually requires faster signal flow rates and thus higher transmission frequencies.